The Care and Feeding of an Angel

Jean leads a charmed life as a Human For Hire, one of the lucky few in Colorado to know about the existence of the supernatural community. Comfortable with his fate as a glorified servant to the County Monarchs—made up of Demon, Fae, and the uncategorizable—Jean's future takes a drastic turn when an Angel falls over the Springs and lands in Jean's lap.

Against the advice of literally everyone, Jean takes in the annoying and vulnerable Angel, bringing with him a responsibility Jean never wanted and a danger he only thought he knew. Adopting an Angel could be the best thing for Jean. Or it might just get him killed.

Aided by an ornery Witch and a Demon King with questionable motives, it will take all of Jean's patience and skill to teach David about being human. Not to mention keeping him alive.

And in the prisons of Hell, something is stirring.

Get Gravity

Season Two... coming soon