The Star Mage Series

What if gender were a choice?

But it determined your profession.

       Stars are love. They hold no judgment for the past. No thought of the future. Gender isn’t even a concept. Kaush could walk among them forever.

       Then a crack of negative energy rips through space, destroying the balance of the universe, and Kaush must face what he has trained his entire life for, or witness the death of hundreds. 

       Plunged into the confines of a space station and with the stars as only a distant hum, strangers press on Kaush from all sides, prying at a secret that would undo him. When the unthinkable happens, Kaush feels his control slipping for the first time in years. And worst of all, he’s attracted to the one responsible.

       The fate of the space station rests on Kaush, but this is like nothing he ever prepared for. And as his beliefs shatter, so does his identity.

Available: Ebook and Paperback