The State of the Series (not-dead, free short story, and unrelated publication)

I belatedly realized that despite the fact that I've been working quite diligently at the Star Mage Series, my website shows no sign of that. So for all you know, dear reader, the series is dead. But it's not. Here's where I'm at: 12938154_1062518097119859_2304200278656310458_nThe first two novellas are out. The third is finished, and beautiful, and heartbreaking. It is also naked, and will be until I decide whether I want to continue down my current cover-art path, or change it all, which would mean re-releasing the first two. The fourth one is a problematic first draft. I know what's wrong; I'm on it. Novellas five and six are fantastic, and currently unwritten. They're plotted, though. The end of the series is solid. If you knew how many times I'd stared at my notes, doubting, biting my nails, and silently screaming, you'd have a greater appreciation for that statement. The end of the series is solid.  12115891_898348590261432_5115855119502652163_nThe Imbalance (Star Mage #1)'s one year anniversary is May 18th. To celebrate, I will be releasing a short story about two new characters that are introduced in The Arc (Star Mage #3). Everyone in my email list will be receiving either a digital copy of the short story, or a link to where it can be read for free, whichever ends up being easiest. To all those who have read the first two novellas in the Star Mage Series, you have my love and gratitude. Every time I see a purchase or a borrow, my day gets just a bit better. In other news, my short story The Whale will be a part of the Zombies Need Brains's WERE:-- anthology. If you're tired of werewolves but still have a thing for shapeshifters, this is the anthology for you. The kickstarter edition can be pre-ordered in ebook and paperback. Please join me in admiring the cover-art. WERE cover art For more regular updates on my writing (and sometimes painting) life, you can follow me on Instagram!