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My Biological Clock is Ticking and I Want Books NOW

As I work on the second season of The Care and Feeding of an Angel--which is feeling like a guilty pleasure as I introduce a certain vampire--my mind goes to another project, with Nutcrackers, Mice, time-traveling Swans, and Lampposts that love second-hand smoke. This always happens. When I sit down to one project, another one intrudes, inserting its story into the song I'm listening to, and making me feel mortal and rushed. Have to finish this project, have to finish before I DIE.

So this morning I'm reminding myself that the journey really is the best part. Yes, the rush of excitement and sense of accomplishment that comes from publishing a book is the reason I live, but most of my enjoyment in writing comes from the adventures my characters take me on, or the surprise of a joke I didn't see coming (I am literally laughing ALL THE TIME while writing about David and Jean). I wonder how much frustration I might avoid if I just chilled the F out more often.

So I will go back to writing about the vampire, and when the words die down, I'll go write about a Nutcracker, and I won't worry about the fact that I would publish faster if I gave my all to only one project. It's never going to happen. My brain isn't built for it.

Project surprise (to me. I was surprised): The fact that vampires are an endangered race and Colorado law makes it tricky to kill them.

‘The Care and Feeding of an Angel’ goes live and reveals the not-so-secret supernatural of Colorado

I have finally completed what I believed possible but knew from personal experience was a stretch--I have released an entire novella series within one year.

"You've got an Angel on your shoulder."

"I've got an Angel on my couch."

Books 1-6 are now available in three paperback volumes, and the first book, Gravity, is available as an ebook. The rest wait only for me to finish uploading them so they may join the ebook hordes.

#BoostMyBio for Ben Art, aka, That-Robot-Novel!

If you all realized how bad I am at updating my blog, you would understand what a big deal it is that I'm posting a BoostMyBio for Pitchwars. My name is Anneliese, and I mostly write like this:     

At it's best, the purpose of science fiction is to warn us of what we might become, and to give us hope of what we could be.

What you'll see in the novel:     ♥ Robots ♥ Bit of blood ♥ Bit of conspiracy ♥ A love story of souls ♥ Humanity ♥ Five years of my hard work, avoidance, and more hard work 😛

The State of the Series (not-dead, free short story, and unrelated publication)

I belatedly realized that despite the fact that I've been working quite diligently at the Star Mage Series, my website shows no sign of that. So for all you know, dear reader, the series is dead. But it's not. Here's where I'm at: 12938154_1062518097119859_2304200278656310458_nThe first two novellas are out. The third is finished, and beautiful, and heartbreaking. It is also naked, and will be until I decide whether I want to continue down my current cover-art path, or change it all, which would mean re-releasing the first two. The fourth one is a problematic first draft. I know what's wrong; I'm on it. Novellas five and six are fantastic, and currently unwritten. They're plotted, though. The end of the series is solid. If you knew how many times I'd stared at my notes, doubting, biting my nails, and silently screaming, you'd have a greater appreciation for that statement. The end of the series is solid.  12115891_898348590261432_5115855119502652163_nThe Imbalance (Star Mage #1)'s one year anniversary is May 18th. To celebrate, I will be releasing a short story about two new characters that are introduced in The Arc (Star Mage #3). Everyone in my email list will be receiving either a digital copy of the short story, or a link to where it can be read for free, whichever ends up being easiest. To all those who have read the first two novellas in the Star Mage Series, you have my love and gratitude. Every time I see a purchase or a borrow, my day gets just a bit better. In other news, my short story The Whale will be a part of the Zombies Need Brains's WERE:-- anthology. If you're tired of werewolves but still have a thing for shapeshifters, this is the anthology for you. The kickstarter edition can be pre-ordered in ebook and paperback. Please join me in admiring the cover-art. WERE cover art For more regular updates on my writing (and sometimes painting) life, you can follow me on Instagram!

World Magic is live!

Publishing for the second time was just as exhilarating as the first. What wasn't so exhilarating was refreshing my amazon page for the hours it takes the two versions of my book to link. I quickly feel like I've entered hell. But to the point: I made another book! It's so fine. World Magic amazon cover What if you could save a world? But it meant betraying yourself.      The stars press from above. The planet pulls from below. Two loves, two magics. Kaush is in agony. And Kausha wants out.      The Imbalance has affected the planet Gamore, spreading death through her core, and Kaush fears he's the only one who can stop it. But this is World Magic, and using it breaks every law of balance that defines him. His past looms, in the form of friends and foes, showing an outcome he must avoid at all cost. But with new information comes the horrible truth of the Imbalance, and what Kaush must do to stop it.      Torn between the stars he chose and the world that calls to him, Kaush feels each decision he makes taking him to an identity he doesn't know. But if he refuses to act, he risks the life of a planet. Kindle and Paperback! It took literally months longer to publish than it should have, but considering the unforeseen illnesses and broken bones, it's not totally my fault. Typing one handed is NOT FUN. And handwriting? Ha. ??????????????


I have pinned all my hopes and dreams on July, and here's why. My phrase to sum up 2015, ever since February when my dog died and my cat got sick, has been "this terrible f***ing year". And it has only gotten worse. Like a book plot, it is the steady progression of bad to worse, only this is real life so there's no guarantee of a well-resolved ending. Ongoing family upheaval and dog death x3 being the worst in a long line. But even though the phrase to sum up 2015 is unchanged, though now in all caps, I've started correcting myself when it comes up. Because we're only halfway through the year, and I don't want to label the next six months. Just in case they're still undecided about whether or not they want to screw with me. Along with changing my phrasing to "those terrible last six months", I've also been trying to think of all the bad things that have happened as change, which I choose to label as bad. I'm still working on believing that one. Especially when change comes in the guise of villains with twirly mustaches. "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." ?????????????? I find it ironic that this was the year I started keeping a 'happy things' jar. I have dutifully recorded the happiest moments of my day for six months now, even when the happiest thing was the day being over. And I've noticed that on the hard days, when change occurred that I didn't want, the happy moments stood out stronger than on the days when I was generally okay or at peace. Don't get me wrong, those are my preferred days, but it reminded me that contrast is an important part of appreciating life. So, I am entering July with the expectation that the next six months could hold all matter of wonderful things. In the spirit of new beginnings, I'll be changing out my writing journal a bit prematurely.

??????????????(I've been giddy about this for a couple days now.)

Accidentally Published or “I Didn’t Know That Button Did That”

I like to think before I commit. Ponder the emotional ramifications, come to terms with them, and then proceed. So when I confirmed with Createspace that yes, I did indeed like this proof copy of my book, and they came back with "your book will appear in stores within three days" I was sent into a panic that really didn't subside until two days had passed. I had intended to publish it. This was my final product. But I sure would have liked to consciously make the choice. Typical of me. Imbalance Cover for Amazon 120150501_120008     It's quite thrilling to see it on Amazon. Some kind soul even gave it a review.  

Publishing and Life update

Although I've been posting on my facebook and instagram, it occurs to me that since my last post here was in December, my website is looking rather forgotten. The reason is that things stalled a bit with the start of 2015. The year started out fantastically bad. A pet died, another got sick, and family drama happened. And those are only the worst. I'm pushing through and trying not to expect a new terrible development for March. Progress has been made. I finished the first draft of the second novella, and am working on editing. After complaining vehemently, I finally perfected the print version of The Imbalance, and even got Createspace to accept the upload. After petting  a couple cover samples, I decided that I'll go with the matte finish. 20150314_122404 So. Soft. My current struggle is writing a half-decent blurb for the back cover. Writing about something you've written may be even harder than talking about something you've written. But then my cover will be complete, and I'll be ready to publish the print version! (the ebook isn't quite that close yet).

On the Road to Publishing

The trek continues. The first novella in the Star Mage series is complete, and I mostly understand WordPress. That just leaves cover art, (which I'm still hoping will magically appear), formatting, and polishing up my social media profiles (ie, creating them). Right now, I'm wanting to run away and start the second novella, but that doesn't help me publish. It's way more fun though. If anything, going through the technical side of publishing has made me appreciate writing all the more. Because it's not this. On another note, I finally got my bulletin board up. Check out the potential. 20141218_120018