Publishing and Life update

Although I've been posting on my facebook and instagram, it occurs to me that since my last post here was in December, my website is looking rather forgotten. The reason is that things stalled a bit with the start of 2015. The year started out fantastically bad. A pet died, another got sick, and family drama happened. And those are only the worst. I'm pushing through and trying not to expect a new terrible development for March. Progress has been made. I finished the first draft of the second novella, and am working on editing. After complaining vehemently, I finally perfected the print version of The Imbalance, and even got Createspace to accept the upload. After petting  a couple cover samples, I decided that I'll go with the matte finish. 20150314_122404 So. Soft. My current struggle is writing a half-decent blurb for the back cover. Writing about something you've written may be even harder than talking about something you've written. But then my cover will be complete, and I'll be ready to publish the print version! (the ebook isn't quite that close yet).

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    1. Thank you for your comment! It is definitely a whole other language 🙂 I’ve learned a lot and made not nearly enough notes (my future self will get to relearn some things, I’m sure).

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